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Farmer's Markets in El Paso, Texas

Market IDMarket NameStreet Address
1008259El Paso Downtown Artist and Farmers Market117 Anthony Street, El Paso, Texas, 79901
1007185El Paso Farmers Market6375 Montana, El Paso, Texas, 79902
1007164El Paso Farmers Market I816 S. Florence, El Paso, Texas, 79902
1007161El Paso Growers Association I9484 Dyer Street, El Paso, Texas, 79902
1007150El Paso Growers Association III1120 McRae, El Paso, Texas, 79902
1007155El Paso Growers Association IV655 Sunland Park Drive, El Paso, Texas, 79902
1007175El Pason Farmers Market II411 N. Zaragosa Road, El Paso, Texas, 79902
1008841Mercado Mayapan2000 Texas Ave, El Paso, Texas, 79901
1007147Valley Growers Association I1225 Yandell Drive, El Paso, Texas, 79902
1007184Valley Growers Association II324 N. Zaragosa, El Paso, Texas, 79902
1007152Valley Growers Association III7640 North Loop, El Paso, Texas, 79901
1007153Valley Growers Association IV14618 Gregg Road, El Paso, Texas, 79910