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Doral farmer's market ordinance deferred for revisions: No deadline set

Visitors of Doral Farmers' Market, Karen Weyland of Smyrna Beach, Fla., (left) and Kathy Veri of Concord, Ohio (middle), shop at the vegetable stand. Founders and supporters of Doral Farmers'’ Market held a protest against their relocation on Sunday, Jan. 25, 2015 in Doral, Florida. ANDRIANA MEREUTA FOR THE MIAMI HERALD

Doral Farmers' Market is safe, for now.

The city council on Wednesday voted to defer an item that ultimately could have had it shut down. The council unanimously agreed to give time for market manager Danny Kaskel to work with city officials to refine the ordinance. No deadline was set.

Dozens of residents showed up to the meeting wearing orange - color of the market's logo.

David Murillo, 10, awed the council when he approached the podium in a navy blue blazer.

"Once I heard the idea of shutting down the farmer's market, I came here as soon as possible," David said. "I completely disagree with this. This would be a huge disservice for Doral. ... I think that even the sparking of this idea is outrageous."

The market is open 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sundays at Northwest 97th Avenue and 41st Street in the Doral Centre plaza's parking lots.

Council members were set to discuss a possible amendment to the ordinance that would require all outdoor markets be at least 500 feet from 41st Street/Doral Boulevard, which would impact the current market.

Market volunteers gathered more than 1,000 signatures to petition against the proposal.

Councilman Pete Cabrera has been a strong supporter of the ordinance. He said he strongly supports the farmers market, but that it needs to work on its looks.

"I definitely support the farmers market," Cabrera said. "But my concern is real simple: aesthetics. I don't think white tents with big banners on Doral Boulevard is what we planned for in our master plan. It looks like a flea market, not a farmers market."

Cabrera said he doesn't like the market displaying banners visible to the street. Also, he wants only Doral business to participate in the market, eliminating competition with vendors from outside the city.

This farmer's market is Doral's longest-standing.

Kaskel, 26, has been managing the market for about a year and a half. His great-grandparents, Doris and Alfred Kaskel, founded community and coined the name "Doral" by combining their first names. Since then, generations of the Kaskel family have been active in Doral.

"This really means a lot to me," Kaskel said. "Alfred so long ago stressed community building, way before the city was even incorporated. A farmers market is the perfect setting for that. I'm trying to vicariously live through his vision and his dream."

At Wednesday's hearing, it was 17-year-old Francisco Oden who stole the council's heart.

"Young people from all over Doral have been able to entertain themselves on a Sunday at the farmers market, with all the different product offerings and cultural diversity," Oden said. "One of my favorites is actually being able to go to the farmer's market on a last-minute-run-around to get a little gift for a girl I like."

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